Saturday, 22 Feb 2020

کیا یہ ہیں ہماری اخلاقیات؟ ٹیچرز ٹریننگ کےنام پر اپنا کلچر کہیں پیچھے نہ رہ جائے۔

Is this our ethics? Does it happen in teachers training?

Teachers across Punjab are trained under foreign Child Education from Foreign Funding … But what is being taught in training in teacher-based learning, what is being taught in a video education guide, which has been expressed by the educational circles. Some specialists have shown the activity shown in this video to mislead the name of the entertainment sector under Western Agenda.

Note: The Education Guide aims to bring a person’s heart, not only to raise the opinion of the educational circles on this aspect of training. So that if there are some problems available in this training project, they can be removed.
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