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Anxiety & Me Poem By Huda Rauf | Youngest Poetess of Pakistan

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Poetess: Huda Rauf (Pakistani born Student living and Studying in Canada)

Anxiety & Me

Paralyzed with fear

I am stuck in these crossroads

Crippled in appearance and reality

Who am I

Unspeakable truths

Unimaginable scrutiny

Who do you see

And who do you feel

But how can you

When even I can’t…


There’s a fine line

Between me and you

Between my soul and my mind

It’s lodged between the two

My anxiety

Is dear to me

Darling, don’t hold me back

I love you for you

Because you save me

But you hate me at the same time

I couldn’t care more

But I wish

I could care less

Empty without you

Will I be free without you

I’m stuck between these paths

The ones where

I leave you

But the one

I am most drawn to

Is where I am holding your hand

Afraid to let go

I would be nobody

A worthless, self-demonizing


I don’t want you to hold me back

But I don’t want to let you go

Drifting in this ocean

I desire to reach out

But can’t I

Because I can’t let you

Paralyzed with fear

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