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Poem AUTOPHOBIA | Poetess Huda Rauf (Canada)| English Poetry MHAS

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  • Poetess: Huda Rauf (Pakistani born Student living and Studying in Canada)
  • Poem: Autophobia ( Mental Health Awareness Series )


The truth, we fear

The pain, we hide Pushing it down with pills

So it may subside

A temporary solution

For danger continuously causing fires

It may not work

But we’d do anything to hide the sulk

We drown our successes

And display our failures

Would it matter in the end if we fall?

But all we ever do is wrong

We fight to be right

But what is shown is only the might

We are slow

We try not to feel the blow

But would it matter in the end

To be graceful, to be beautiful

But we fail to sail

And instead, we run

We try to remember the sun

When all that consumes us is the dark

Some try to be thick as bark

But some wear thin like paper

A stream of hopes unfulfilled

And our melted voices muffled

The others just wonder

If we are shaken

But all we are is mistaken

We were never good

We were never bad

We are just cynically mad

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