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Poem Blurry Lines | Poetess Huda Rauf (Canada)| Mental Health Awareness Series

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  • Poetess: Huda Rauf (Pakistani born Student living and Studying in Canada)
  • Poem: Blurry Lines ( Mental Health Awareness Series )

Blurry Lines

“Grey minds

Hazy eyes

Incomplete without ignorance

Blurred lines of reality

Fading away at the seams

Of who we’ve become”

See the seas

Minds that hurt

Hearts that don’t heal

Your band-aid solution

Useless and unnecessary

Not what I need

Who do you think you are to decide what I need

When will you see me

I am not going away

“Just deal with it”

I am told “just let it be”

How can I

It is raw, unnerving

Cuts my skin and scratches my bones

The chalk and my cage

Mismatched surfaces

Not a medicine I am in pain

You don’t see

Chalk in my cage

Poisons me away

Erasing me from you

Wrong remedy

My disease; not a cause of death

But your lack of understanding was

You killed me by washing me away

No significance, no existence

So cry, cry over my dead body

Read my eulogy of “passed away”

Deem me as R.I.P

No, I won’t be resting in peace

This a warning to your next victim

There’s no peace

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